Core dump overflow

Core dump in progress...

Got a Stapler?

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Today’s target is a VM made by g0tmi1k for BsidesLondon 2016. So this should be a fun one! From the description:

| + There are multiple methods to-do this machine         |
|   + At least two (2) paths to get a limited shell       |
|   + At least three (3) ways to get a root access        |

Dropping Droopy

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I’m back in the game with preparing for OSCP, and resuming the VulnHub machines. Today’s target is Droopy. The author left 2 hints for this challenge:

1.) Grab a copy of the rockyou wordlist.

2.) It’s fun to read other people’s email.

LFCS prep - Managing Docker containers

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In today’s post we’ll look at Docker containers. Containers are lightweight application virtualization platforms that are isolated, but contrary to virtual machines, they share resources with the host OS. They are faster and less resource intensive than traditional VMs.