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Gibson 0.2 walkthrough

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The Vulnhub machine I picked for today’s target is called Gibson. For this challenge, there are also some hints:

  • SSH can forward X11.
  • The challenge isn’t over with root. The flag is not where you expect to find it.

Let’s see what Gibson has in store for us!

KVM virtualization on Linux hosts

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By now you probably noticed that the last topics were centered more around Linux than the usual. That’s because I am studying for my LFCS certification, and creating posts as I go through the material. This time, we’re going to look at using virtualization on a Linux physical host. Since my only physical Linux at the moment is Kali, this is what I’m going to use for today’s post.

NFS shares on CentOS 7

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Today we will go over an alternate way of setting up shares on CentOS 7. In an earlier post we saw how we can share stuff with Samba, which is the preferred way, especially if you have mixed environments. But today I also wanted to go through the process using the veteran: NFS! For this example, we’ll be looking at the newest version, NFS4, which adds performance and security features, but also operates a little bit differently than its predecessors.

sslyze - Kali Linux tools

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Objective: test the SSL/TLS security posture of a target as a standalone tool or as a custom made solution. sslyze is a fast and powerful SSL/TLS scanning Python tool that can be used both from the command line or as a library to include in your own scripts. It’s being updated frequently and it’s been tested on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms.