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LFCS prep - Using firewalld

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Today we’ll look at firewall configuration on CentOS / RedHat by using firewalld, the replacement for iptables. Since they are both mutually exclusive, if you decide to use firewalld, ensure that iptables is not running and cannot be started, by masking the service with systemctl mask iptables

LFCS prep - autofs automounter

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In a previous post we looked at sharing folders with NFS. Now we take a step further to look at a client-only configuration that allows on demand mounting / unmounting of various filesystems. There is no need for /etc/fstab entries and resources are preserved better. The automounter is provided by the autofs package. After installing it, check that the autofs service has been started, before proceeding with the configuration.

LFCS prep - LVM storage management

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Today we’ll look at logical volume management tasks. LVM improves the traditional partition to disk approach, adding flexibility (extending and reducing space), snapshot capabilities and redundancy.

LFCS prep - Creating custom yum repositories

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Setting up a local package repository is useful when you need to save bandwidth or you won’t have access to internet. In this post we’ll set up a local yum repository from the DVD source, install vsftpd from it, and then host the repository over FTP.

LFCS prep - Securing SSH

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SSH-ing between various systems is something you will definitely be doing a lot in infosec. So today I’ll quickly go over an exam objective of configuring SSH for key based authentication and disabling root logins for extra security.

Pwning Kevgir

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Kevgir is a machine vulnerable to multiple web application vulnerabilities designed by the canyoupwnme team. So..can we pwn it? Let’s see!

Gibson 0.2 walkthrough

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The Vulnhub machine I picked for today’s target is called Gibson. For this challenge, there are also some hints:

  • SSH can forward X11.
  • The challenge isn’t over with root. The flag is not where you expect to find it.

Let’s see what Gibson has in store for us!