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SickOs 1.1 writeup

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Today’s target is similar to what can be found in OSCP labs. The goal is to obtain root privileges and get the flag. Let’s dive right in!

dnsmap - Kali Linux tools

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Today we’ll explore another tool for DNS enumeration: the DNS Network Mapper (dnsmap). Although at the time of this post, its last update was in 2010, this tool has survived the passage of time, and has been packaged with versions of both Backtrack and Kali. There is quite a wealth of information about the tool on its homepage, and it comes with a built-in wordlist for domain bruteforcing.


HackLAB Vulnix

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Vulnix is an older machine from VulnHub that intends to present vulnerabilities from a misconfiguration point of view. The goal is to get the flag inside /root

Bow before the Lord of the Root

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Back to looking through VulnHub’s selection of virtual machines, I got hooked by the name of this one. The author intended for this machine to be similar in difficulty to those in the OSCP lab, so it’s definitely good training if you’re preparing to jump into the fray!

Automater - Kali Linux tools

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Objective: you want to check suspicious IPs, domains and hashes for maliciousness. Maybe you’ve heard that your favorite news site has been hacked and is serving malware to its users. You’d like to confirm if something is dangerous or not, without navigating to it and risking to get compromised in the process. There is a Python tool on Kali that can help you with just that! Enter Automater!

Masscan - Kali Linux tools

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Nmap is our favorite port scanner, but if you want to scan billions of hosts, and still be relatively young when you get the results, there is a solid alternative focused entirely on speed: Masscan – the Mass IP port scanner